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Become a PV Solar Plant co-Owner
Get SDAO tokens to get a part of PV Solar Plant

Own and trade your solar assets freely safely easily
Join one of the most rapidly growing industry
and help to make this world greener

How Solar DAO Works

How it works
Solar DAO creates a decentralized platform that allows everyone to easily participate in PV solar plants construction across the globe. Helps to subsidize Solar Projects in one level with large investors with no extra fees on 3rd parties.
Solar DAO creates Dashboard, the one single interface. It provides all details about current and future project. Helps to monitor all PV plants in Solar DAO as snippets, see how the work is going in projects under construction.
Solar DAO helps to reduce risks, costs and the major part of barriers when funding PV solar plants and other RES projects all over the world. Prevents spendings on low effective technical solutions and overpriced equipment when funding.
Read the White Paper
Everything you want to know about Solar DAO in one PDF. From idea in 2012 till the full concept in 2017.
Download White Paper


When funding large utility scale PV plants, all backers get maximum ROI all together, the same as large investors do.
Real DAO
Real DAO
Tokens holders directly form the Project and its community.
Token holders are the major part of the Community. Votes directly affect on project development and management.
Smart contracts allow to perform all procedures and transactions automatically, predictably and safely.
Blockchain stores only token holders' public keys. So the personal info will not be revealed.
Blockchain cannot be hacked and it is impossible to change any info inside the blockchain.

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Get, own and trade SDAO tokens freely and easily.

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Types of PVS Projects

Solar plants
in operation
Plants that have
already been built

Average profitability: 7 - 12%

Average cost: $1800 - $2200 per kW

Time of implementation: the purchase of such a plant takes between 1 and 2 months

• Connected to a centralized grid

• Commissioned and already in acquisition

• Receiving payments in accordance to the PPA (power purchase agreement)

• Have a history of actual energy production, earnings and revenue

Projects in RTB
(ready to build) stage
Plants that are
ready for construction

Average profitability: 12 - 25%.

Average project company cost: $100 - $150 per kW

Construction cost: $600 - $800 per kW

Cost of sale of the operational PVS: $1200 - $2000 per kW

Period of implementation: 3 to 6 months

• Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signed; Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) and its terms set: periodicity, indexation, currency, validity period, etc.

• Grid connection contract signed

• Land lease signed

• All necessary construction permits obtained

• Design solutions and equipment (can be replaced) selected

• “Turnkey” plant construction contract drawn

Green Field projects
(from scratch)
Projects developed
from scratch

Average profitability: 25 - 35% (does not include the sale of PVS)

Project development costs: $20,000 - $50,000 for the entire project, regardless of the capacity

Construction cost: $600 - $650 per kW

Average sale price of operational PVS: $1200 - $2000 per kW

Period of implementation: 3 to 9 months

• Legislation- covering payments for selling electricity to each grid existing in the country where the plant is to be built

• Local energy market rules have been researched

• Steps to connect the RES generators to the grid have been investigated

• Feasibility study has been developed and plant design has been chosen

• There is a possibility in place to obtain land for project realization

• There is a memorandum in place with subsidiaries for “turnkey” plant construction

Current Projects

1.06 MW - Kazakhstan
ready to build
1.06 MW - Kazakhstan
CAPEX: $1 078 000
OPEX: $35 000
Earnings: $325 000
Location: Kyzylorda region, Shieli district, pos. Sulutobe
Tarif: $0.20/kWh
Yield: 1534 kWh/kWp/year
Production: 1626 MWh/year
Current stage

• Land allocated

• Grid connection point obtained

• Feasibility study | Financial model | Business plan

IRR: 25.00%
NPV: $2'953'000
1.06 MW - Kazakhstan
grid connection
0.75 MW - Portugal
CAPEX: $670'000
OPEX: $34'000
Earnings: $124'500
Location: Alfarrobeira, Loule, Portugal
Tarif: $0,095/kWh
Yield: 1750 kWh/kWp/year
Production: 1310 MWh/year
Current stage

• Land in ownership

• Grid connection defined & contract to be signed

• Feasibility study | Financial model | Business plan

IRR: 17.00%
NPV: $1'314'000
1.06 MW - Kazakhstan
early development
1.25 MW - Portugal
CAPEX: $1'040'000
OPEX: $45'000
Earnings: $208'000
Location: Alfarrobeira, Loule, Portugal
Tarif: $0,095/kWh
Yield: 1750 kWh/kWp/year
Production: 2188 MWh/year
Current stage

• Land in ownership

• Grid connection defined & contract to be signed

IRR: 19.00%
NPV: $1'314'000
1.06 MW - Kazakhstan
ready to build
2.5 MW - Ukraine
CAPEX: $1'040'000
OPEX: $45'000
Earnings: $208'000
Location: Ternopil region, village Staroe Mesto
Tarif: $0,165/kWh
Yield: 1040 kWh/kWp/year
Production: 2600 MWh/year
Current stage

• Land allocated (lease)

• Grid connection point obtained

• PPA signed. FIT obtained.

• Feasibility study | Financial model | Business plan

IRR: 19.00%
NPV: $1'314'000


Middle East
South Africa

How PV Solar Plants Work

Solar modules
Solar modules
Convert solar light to electricity (DC) due to photo effect. Solar modules are connected in series with voltage up to 1500V.
Inverter system
Inverter system
Collect energy from solar panels, convert DC to AC and inject electricity to the grid. Inverters is the "brain" of PV solar plant. They help to control and monitor entire generator.
Central grid
Central grid
Receives energy from solar plant. The electricity is then sold to the grid with feed-In tariffs during next 20-25 years.

Read the White Paper

Everything you want to know about Solar DAO in one PDF. From idea in 2012 till the full concept in 2017.

Download White Paper
Solar Market
Solar Market

Total power capacity of Solar Plants worldwide has increased from 1.4 GW up to 237.3 GW from 2000 to 2015: 170 times over 16 years! Construction cost reduced from $5000 per kW to $700 per kW installed: more than 7 times.

Simultaneously, with decreasing of solar energy production costs, the average electricity price grows every year. It leads to the grid parity - the point when there is no needs to feed in tariff anymore.

As a result, the solar market has seen exponential growth each year and the trend is expected to rapidly continue.

Energy Platform

According to the forecast from International Energy Agency, total PV solar plants capacity will produce up to 25% of the world's electrical power by 2050.

We aim to reach $1B of funded energy projects by the end of 2020 and going to become the main single platform for funding energy projects across the globe with highest ROI.

Solar DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization, based on Ethereum smart contracts. The One Single Platform for people and developers to implement the greatest energy projects excluding the problem of trust.

Energy Platform
Material Assets
Material Assets

Once in operation, solar power plants self-sustain profitability for over 25+ years. Better yet, investments are a one-time expense, only required at the beginning stage of the construction process

We dedicate the Platform for everyone to freely get, easily trade and safely own Solar Assets. Establish the Community to subsidize PV solar plants worldwide. Real RES-generators providing Material Assets. Create opportunity to get predictable income for everyone in all over the worlds with no influence of 3rd parties.


Token symbol
942 214 tokens
What is Solar DAO token

Provides membership in Solar DAO. Allows to fund PV solar plants worldwide. Executed by Ethereum smart contract